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Annual bike ride for the American Heart Association at this year it will be different! The Tour de Poker has been cancelled for 2014. BUT we are doing a fun group ride from O'Donnell's to O'Donnell's on the 2nd Saturday in August. Shawn will be donating to the American Heart Association for each rider who participates. No registration, just come on out. Leaving Shawn's at 9am. Stay tuned for the route - mostly on the Interurban Trail to Seattle O'Donnell's!


Trivia TuesdaysTrivia

7:30pm - build a team of only your smartest friends and family for 3 rounds of general knowledge trivia.

$2.00 per person to play - winning teams take home the dough!

Irish Proverbs

"Nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein."
There's no fireside like your own fireside.

Never bolt the door with a boiled carrot.

Man is incomplete until he marries. After that, he is finished.

What butter and whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.

Three things come without asking: fear, jealousy, and love.

It is sweet to drink but bitter to pay for.

Idleness is a fool's desire.

He who lies down with dogs, gets up with fleas.

A good start is half the work.


Cutting the Grass

Michael O'Leary was waiting at the bus stop with his friend, Paddy Maguire, when a lorry went by loaded up with rolls of turf.

O'Leary opined, 'I'm gonna do that when I win de lottery, Maguire.'Truck with turf cut

'What's that, Michael?' responds his mate.

'Send me lawn away to be cut,' concludes O'Leary.


Two Irish guys were walking past a bar.......

Hey, it could happen!


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