We are open at all locations, however due to the current circumstances, we will be hosting our game exclusively online! If you'd like to come out for dinner, we'd be happy to have you and help you get set up on your phone for our virtual game.
Live Game Starts at 7:30pm
Answers need to be submitted by 8:15
Winner Announced at 8:30ish

Our pub trivia game is three rounds and will last about an hour.

Round 1 and Round 3 are each self directed trivia games which you can find below. Round 1 and 3 will be live on this page 1st, then we will move into round 2. 

Round two will be 15 questions of general trivia, broadcast live via Facebook!

The only reason this would not be a great time, is if someone cheats. Play with the brains ya got, CHEATER!

Gather your smart friends in your own virtual Zoom room, Google Hangout or the old fashioned group call on the telephone. Then, tune in to our Everett Facebook page for the live broadcast beginning at 7:30

A rough timeline for the evening...

7:30 Introductions and Rounds 1 and 3 available on this page. Get to work on both rounds ASAP!

7:45 Round 2 Begins live on Facebook, all questions will be posted for review at end  

8:15 All answers for rounds 1,2 and 3 submitted

8:30ish Answers and winners revealed!

Rounds 1 and 3 will be posted at 7:30 PM! Join us on Facebook Live to follow along and play!

Round 2 Questions will be Read Live on Facebook at 7:45pm

Question 15 (Brain Teaser) : The combined ages of: Alice and Barbara are 76. Alice and Chloe is 96. Barbara and Chloe is 140. How old are Alice, Barbara and Chloe?